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  • Enviropol understands that Sugar industry is one among the industries, responsible for pollution. The operations made by Sugar industry have the potential to cause a variety of impacts on the environment. These impacts depend on the process stage, the size and type of operation, the technology employed; the nature and sensitivity of the general condition and the effectiveness of the planning, pollution prevention, mitigation and control techniques.

  • Enviropol offers a wide range of Products for Emission control. Our equipment have a greater extent of Upgradability and Flexibility. Our Knowhow of Sugar Industry is based on our year rich experience of more than 200+Installations across the Globe. We understand your problems may it be Coal fired Boiler or Bagasse Fired Boiler.

  • Enviropol Energy Saving/ Conservant Model ”Hybrid Biomass Dryer” has been awarded as the CII-Most Innovative Product of the Year Award 2021.

  • Enviropol is always ready to Help Sugar Industry with cutting edge technologies with Technology leaders across the Globe. We have also done Some First of its Kind applications.

  • Enviropol always keeps an eye on changing requirements of Sugar Industry in line with the Statutory Bodies to achieve emissions less than the norms/ In line with the Norms.

  • Enviropol Has done First Installation of EGB on A Spent Wash Fired Boiler for a Sugar Plant In India in 2019 to achieve emissions less than <30mg/Nm3.

  • Enviropol Has Also done First Installation of “Hybrid Biomass dryer” which Saves Energy by its innovative design and also gives you a Controlled Emissions that too less than <50mg/Nm3.

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