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  • Enviropol also caters to special needs and applications of Customers across Industries apart from Major Segments. These are application based and with the rich experience in dealing with all kind of Pollutants may it be PM or Gaseous We have Collaborations with Technology/Process/Design Leaders across the Globe to solve your Problems with utmost attention and details. We offer a variety of Material of Construction for the Equipment pertaining to Different Applications.

  • Our Products are in line with the Norms set by Statutory Compliances and are always future ready.

    Some Applications which we cater :

    1. Bagasse/Agro Based Fuel Fired Boilers – For PM

    2. Mustard Husk Fired Boilers – For PM

    3. Copper, Lead and Zinc Smelters – For PM/ Acid Mist/ SO2

    4. Carbon Black and Graphite Manufacturing – For PM and Tar Fumes

    5. Calcium Carbide – For Particulate Matter at Kiln and Arc Furnaces

    6. Fertilizer Industry – For Urea Plant (Prilling Tower) and Nitric Acid Plant

    7. Sulphuric Acid Plants – For SO2/ Acid Mist/ SO3 Removal

    8. Battery Manufacturing Industries – For Lead Particulate Matter

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