Electrified Gravel Bed Filter Manufacturers In India

The EGB is a high performing dry electrostatic precipitator. The EGB is used as the final stage to remove impurities as tars and fine Sub Micron particulates from process- and flue gases.

This Technology is best suited as a polishing filter for sticky and high resistivity dust containing Alkalis like in Palm shell, Palm fiber, EFB and spent wash (Distillery waste) fired Boilers/Incinerators.

This technology has also been used successfully to upgrade existing ESP installations to meet most stringent emission norms in power & cement on coal and lignite fired applications.

The EGB design is modular shaped. The nominal capacity of each module is between 10.000- 300.000 m3/h.

The well-designed and proven construction provides high operational reliability, long-term stable collection efficiency, low energy consumption and simple maintenance.

DESOX Scrubber

EGB Advantages and Applications


  • Proven construction provides high operational reliability.
  • Long-term stable collection efficiency.
  • Low energy consumption and simple maintenance.
  • No production of dirty waters to be treated, nor mud or sludge
  • Evenly distributed gas flow and No slipstream
  • Excellent for High Resistivity Dust


  • Sugar
  • Paper
  • Steel
  • Power
  • Chemical
  • Fertilizer
  • Distillery
  • Food
  • On all Typical Fule

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