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  • Enviropol Understands the pollutants commonly emitted by cement plants are dust or particulate matter, NOx, SOx, carbon oxides and methane, among others. Cement being the major contributor to air pollution, an approximate number of 4,90,000 annual deaths may be attributed to emissions from the cement industry. Further, emissions from cement factories pose a threat to the life of surrounding flora and fauna.

  • Enviropol extends its experience by Offering equipment to control the Pollutants with Nuisance Bag Filters/ESP/EGB. These equipment help you in achieving emissions less than the norms and contribute to a Net Zero Emission Plant.

  • We have Collaborations with Technology/Process/Design Leaders across the Globe to solve your Problems with utmost attention and details. We offer a variety of Material Of Construction for the Equipment pertaining to Different Applications.

  • Our Products are in line with the Norms set by Statutory Compliances and are always future ready.

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