Working Principle of Slurry Dewatering System:

The Slurry generated in scrubber is pumped to the Lamella Gravity Settler (LGS). Enviropol design of LGS is self contained package settling unit with a conical sludge hopper.

The clarified liquid in LGS leaves the inclined plate assembly through orifices at the top and is distributed into collection channels leading to clarified water outlet for circulation back to the scrubber.

The thick slurry from the hopper flow to slow moving sludge for separation and conveying of ash directly to trolley. Liquid thus separated from the dredger is pumped back to LGS. For drop free ash, HVBF is provides as an option.

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Slurry Dewatering Machine

Slurry De-Watering System

Advantages of Slurry Dewatering Machine

  • Smaller Foot Prints
  • Online Ash Disposal
  • Sturdy Design
  • Minimum Water Loss
  • Manless Operation

Slurry Dewatering System Selection Criteria

  • Lay out and Available Space
  • Cost-Benefit Considerations
  • System Capacity
  • Quality of Re-circulation Water
  • Availability of Manpower
  • Dust Composition
  • Ash Disposal Management

Our Slurry Dewatering Machine Manufacturing Range

  • With Lamella Gravity Settler and Sludge Dredger
  • With Conventional Clarifier and Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter
  • With Lamella Gravity Settler and Vaccum Belt Filter
Semi Mechanized
  • With Lamella Gravity Settler and Vibro Sreens
  • With Conventional Clarifier and Vibro Sreens
  • Front and Fly Ash Sluicing System
  • With Lamella Under Flow Type Slude Drying Beds
  • With Over Flow Type Ash Pond

Slurry Dewatering System Applications

  • Sugar
  • Paper
  • Steel
  • Power
  • Chemical
  • Fertilizer
  • Distillery