Industries Served
  • Sugar: Particulate removal from Bagasse/other bio-mass/coal/Bio-gas fired boilers, sugar dust collection
  • Distillery: Particulate removal from multi-fuel fired boilers and spent wash incinerators
  • Textile: Particulate removal from rice husk and other solid fuel fired boilers
  • Paper: Recovery boilers, power boilers, lime sludge kilns
  • Palm: Oil Particulate removal from palm fiber/shell fired boilers
  • Steel: Gas cleaning plant for furnaces, de-dusting and fume extraction and cleaning
  • Cement: Raw Mills, Kilns, Finish Mills
  • Power: Particulate removal from coal/agro-waste/bio-mass fired boilers, diesel generator sets, flue gas desulphurization system
  • Chemical: Acid gas absorption
  • Fertilizer: Particulate-cum-gas scrubbing systems for granulators, material handling circuits
  • Oil & Gas: Sulphur dust extraction and cleaning
  • Others: Bio filed Gasifiers, Hazardous Waste Incineration, Sulphuric Acid Plants

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