With the emission norms getting more stringent, the capital expenditure on Air Pollution Control (APC) is increasing.

ENVIROPOL - Hybrid Model of Bagasse Dryer provides an opportunity to the Millers to dry bagasse and clean the flue gas simultaneously to meet the present/future emission norms.

Bagasse Dryer Manufacturers

Enviro Earn Hybrid Dryers

Meet Future Emissions Norm With Return On Capital Investment

Our Manufacturing Range

  • Hybrid Bagasse Dryer With WESP
  • Hybrid Bagasse Dryer With Wet Scrubber 


  • Sugar
  • Bagasse Drying & Flue gas cleaning in single module
  • Revenue Generation  through Emission control
  • Smaller foot prints & Compact lay-out
  • No deviation from  CPCB guidelines
  • Capability to reduce emissions < 10 mg/Nm3
  • Low Power consumption
  • Substantial Control on gaseous pollutants