Wet Scrubber Applications

  • Sugar
  • paper
  • steel
  • power
  • Chemical
  • fertilizer
  • Distillery
  • Cremetorium

Wet Scrubber

Our Manufacturing Range

  •  Fluidzed Bed Nye Tray
  •  Fixed Vane Scrubber
  •  High Energy Venturi Scrubber
  •  Multi Jet Spray Tower
  •  Packed Bed Tower
  •  Dynamic Scrubber
  •  Wet Cyclones
  •  Wet Scrubber Internals
  •  Wet Scrubber for Crematorium

Wet Scrubber Advantages

  • Two Tier Separation - Dry and Wet
  • Higher Scrubbing Efficiency (99 % +)
  • Low Pressure Drop ( upto 60 mmwc)
  • Tolerate Very High Dust Loading
  • Trouble Free Operation
  • Flexibility to Install Before or After ID Fan
  • Inherent Quality to Reduce Gaseous Pollutant
  • Low Water Requirement
  • Easily Up-gradable to Meet Future Norms
  • Available with Integrated Stack Design
  • Wide Range of Applications

Wet Scrubber Selection Criteria

  • Volume of Dust Laden Air/Gas
  • Input/Output Dust Concentration
  • Allowable Pressure Drop
  • Particle Size Distrubution
  • Dust Characteristics

Enviropol Engineers is a leading wet scrubber manufacturer, supplier and exporter from India. We are supplying high-quality wet scrubber and venturi scrubber around the world at the most competitive prices.

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