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Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP)

Our Manufacturing Range

  • Square /Round/Honeycomb Construction
  • Tower Construction With Integrated Stack


  • Ability To Capture High Resistivity (>1010 Ohm-Cm) Particulate
  • Low Outlet Emission - Even Below 10mg/Nm3
  • Substantial Reduction Of Gaseous Pollutants H2 SO4 Mist & So2
  • Ability To Capture Hg+2 And HCl
  • Low Specific Collecting Area
  • Ability To Handle Sticky Dust
  • No Rapper Re-Entrainment
  • No Fire Hazards
  • Smaller Foot Prints

Upgrade Your Existing Wet Scrubbers To WESP

An opportunity exists, for the users of operating Bio-mass Fired Boilers with Wet Scrubbers, to upgrade their existing system to WESP for more effective control of emission of fine particulate and acid mist.

Modular design and adaptability to fit into existing wet scrubber makes installation easy. WESP has proved to be an effective and more economical solution for air pollution control for the boilers being converted for multi fuel firing application.

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