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Slurry De-Watering System

Our Manufacturing Range


  • With Lamella Gravity Settler and Sludge Dredger
  • With Conventional Clarifier and Horizontal Vaccum Belt Filter
  • With Lamella Gravity Settler and Vaccum Belt Filter

Semi Mechanized

  • With Lamella Gravity Settler and Vibro Sreens
  • With Conventional Clarifier and Vibro Sreens


  • Front and Fly Ash Sluicing System


  • With Lamella Under Flow Type Slude Drying Beds
  • With Over Flow Type Ash Pond


  • Smaller Foot Prints
  • Online Ash Disposal
  • Sturdy Design
  • Minimum Water Loss
  • Manless Operation

Selection Criteria

  • Lay out and Available Space
  • Cost-Benefit Considerations
  • System Capacity
  • Quality of Re-circulation Water
  • Availability of Manpower
  • Dust Composition
  • Ash Disposal Management
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