Flue Gas Desulfurization Applications

  • Power
  • Cement
  • Paper
  • Oil and Gas

Flue Gas Desulfurization

Our Manufacturing Range

  • Wet FGD (Lime/Caustic/Sea Water)
  • Semi-Dry FGD
  • Dry FGD

Working Principle of Flue Gas Desulfurization System


The flue gas is passed through specially designed Enviropol-Ventray FGD Scrubber to suit dual alkali (Caustic/lime) application for over 95% Sox removal at optimized operating cost.

This Scrubber is designed to de-sulfurize the flue gas in two stages with lime & Caustic solution as solvents. The primary stages includes a Venturi section operating with lime followed by the final scrubbing with caustic solution using multi stage tray/spray tower.

The clean and de-sulphurised gas is then reheated using steam heater, mounted on top of the tray tower as an optional device before exit to the atmosphere through integrated stack.

The effluent generated is processed for de-watering for sludge disposal or for byproduct recovery in the form of saleable Gypsum/Sodium Sulphate.

Enviropol Engineers is a leading flue gas desulfurization manufacturers, suppliers and exporters company from India. We are supplying high quality flue gas desulphurization technology around the world at the most competitive prices.

Advantages of Flue Gas Desulphurization Equipment

  • European Colaboration
  • High SOx Removal Efficiency (Over 95%)
  • Available With Re-Heater & Integrated Stack
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Up-Gradable To Meet Future Norms
  • Byproduct Recovery
  • Free From Scaling & Plugging
  • Optimum Cost Of Operation
  • Low Blow Down Rate & Water Usage

Selection Criteria: Flue Gas Desulphurization Technology

  • Sorbent Availability
  • Effluent Disposal / Byproduct Recovery
  • Lay Out And Available Space
  • Location Of Proposed Plant
  • Operating & Maintenance Cost
  • Available Capex
  • Saleability Of By-Product
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