MEPA - An Innovation in Spent Wash Fired Boiler

MEPA - An Innovation in Spent Wash Fired Boiler

Date : Nov 06, 2019


Recently, it has been successfully commissioned in India for a typical fuel i.e. Spent Wash containing high percentage of potassium.  The complete APC Setup used for this application is called MEPA (Maximum Efficiency Particulate Abatement) which is a combination of two field  ESP duly integrated with EGB to reduce the dust content from as high as 35000mg/Nm3 to below 30 mg/Nm3.   
There is an opportunity exists for the Plants having old ESPs & are planned for upgrade but space is limited for additional field extension.  EGB, being very compact, can be fitted easily within the limited space to bring down the emissions to even below 10 mg/Nm3. 
In the Palm Oil Mills, the Boilers having Multi Cyclone Dust Collectors can be upgraded with an addition of EGB (as substitute for new ESP)  to meet the most stringent emission norms.  It needs one third of the space as compared to ESP with low power consumption and minimum maintenance. 

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