How to control SOx Emissions ?

How to control SOx Emissions ?

Date : Jul 01, 2020

In continuation to the informative blogs today we will discuss about SO2 i.e. Sulphur dioxide emissions. we are sure, you would like to know what are the source of generating SO2 emissions, what are its ill effects on our health and what Technologies are available to control such emissions.

SO2 emissions are found mainly in the exhaust flue gas of fossils fuel based Power Plants.  With the construction of large scale Power Plant in India, the problem associated with large volume of SO2 from a single Site begins to concern the public. SO2 emissions have serious of health hazards.  It causes irritation on skin, eyes, nose, throat and lungs.  The higher exposure may create further complications like inflammation in the Respiratory System.  Inhaling SO2  is very toxic and also can even cause death.

FGD i.e. Flue Gas Desulfurization is a set of Technologies used to remove SO2 emissions from the environment. Stringent environmental regulations with respect to SO2 emissions have been enacted recently in India.  SO2 can be removed from the gas stream by different methods mentioned below:-

  1. Wet scrubbing using slurry of alkaline sorbent such as lime stone, lime, caustic and sea water to scrub the gases.  This category is called wet FGDs.
  2. Spray – Dry scrubbing using similar sorbent and slurries called semi Dry Technology.
  3. Wet sulphuric acid process recovering sulphur in the form of commercial quality of sulphuric acid.
  4. Dry sorbent injection systems that introduced in powdered hydrated lime or any other sorbent into exhausting duct.   

In end we would like to stat that the selection criteria for most optimum technology in a particular process, largely depends on the usage of byproduct generated like gypsum or sodium sulphite. The most common technology which is used in the Power & Cement Plants is lime based wet FGDs.

Hope, we have been able to give you some information on this burning subject.

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