Crematorium - A Neglected source of Air Pollution

Crematorium - A Neglected source of Air Pollution

Date : Jul 02, 2020

I would like to put on some light on the neglected source of air pollution which is Crematorium. In this we discuss about an important issue that is impact of using wood pyre crematorium for crimination of people. Around 7 million people die each year; and are traditionally cremated. This blog will state amalgamation of affects of crematorium and solutions to these issues.

The burning of human bodies creates multiple pollutants like SPM and gaseous pollutants. including respirable suspended particulates, hydrogen chloride, sulphur dioxide, dioxin, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and organic compounds. Around 8 million tons of green house gases are emitted from the hindu funeral pyres a each year. Secondly 2-3 gm of mercury is emitted per body on being burnt. Furthermore 50-60 million trees are burned during cremation every year in india.

We cannot end this traditional method of crimination as it will hurt the sentiments of the people but the thing we can do is to control the pollutants. There are two types of Technology i.e. Dry & Wet which can be applied to control the pollutants.  However, considering as a source of multiple pollutants, the Wet System is found to be the more optimum Technology to control various pollutants.  A good design of Wet Scrubber to suit the application can be used duly integrated with chemical dosing, a quencher dozing and carbon injection.  The integration can remove almost all types of pollutants and produce good quality air meeting norms prescribed by the Pollution Control Boards.  This scrubbing unit with a proper Fumes Extraction System using motorized gauges and  ablower of adequate capacity can prevent your loved ones from serious health hazards while attending funerals.  The clean air is discharged using a stack of required height as per prevailing norms.

Whether wood pyre crimination affects us by emitting Polluted gases but the faith attached to traditional values won’t let people change. The solution to it is scrubbing air by using APC equipment just save our environment. In our opinion, it is better to create a win-win situation where sentiments of people are unaffected and some innovation should used to save the environment.

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